Americans' consumption of "news" is on the rise. Between online news, social media, and new digital platforms, Americans are spending more time getting their news than ever before. Interestingly, with this trend comes a DROP in the number of viewers who are watching networks like CNN and MSNBC.

On average, Americans spend about an hour every day getting their news from TV, radio, or newspapers. But now, Pew Research shows that they are ALSO spending an additional 13 minutes getting news online—increasing their total consumption to 70 minutes a day.

Why do media matter? Think about it—it's everywhere: newspapers, magazines, the Internet, television, radio . . . we can't get away from it. In fact, 83 percent of Americans say they get news in some format every single day. If we consume this much information, it is critical that we at least get the TRUTH. But do we?

According to a Pew study, 82 percent of Americans agree that there is at least some bias in news coverage—and they agree it is more of a liberal bias than conservative.

That is why the Media Research Center exists—to make sure that TRUTH is reported and that the media's overwhelmingly liberal bias is neutralized.

Just look at some of these examples from this past year!

Someone has to stand up to this leftist bias to make sure it is countered, exposed, and neutralized!

Since 2003, anti-American billionaire George Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, and he has direct ties to more than 30 news outlets—including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN, and ABC.

In keeping with his hard-left socialist vision for America, Soros goes after this the best way he knows how—through accessing and controlling the "news" media.

And if that weren't enough, George Soros has now accepted a position on the National Finance Council of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, a group paving the way for a 2016 presidential run for the former first lady.

If the MRC doesn't expose Soros and neutralize these efforts, who knows where we'll be!

Our kids and grandkids are being indoctrinated and duped into believing a very different worldview than their parents and grandparents. One study shows that only 34 percent of adults believe that moral truth is absolute. How different from the country that our forefathers founded!

No wonder our country is heading down the path toward European-style socialism. If the liberal media in this country keep propagating these lies and censoring the real news stories, there won't be any turning back from this course.

That is why the Media Research Center, day in and day out, makes sure that the liberal media are held accountable. They can and MUST be stopped . . . we owe it to our children!

We can stop the liberal bias and censorship and shred the media's credibility by educating millions of Americans about our indisputable, scientific research proving that the liberal media are water carriers for the Left's agenda.

We MUST continue to expand our reach and influence. By giving to the MRC today, you will help us force the liberal media to tell the truth—because they know that if they don't, we'll be all over them. They can no longer steal elections, poison the next generation, and change the culture. We are here to stop them.

Only the MRC has the backbone and strategic approach to accomplish this. Won't you stand with us today?

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